About Us


Crafting Next-Generation Technology.

Iced Development is a software consulting and training company focused on providing services around the latest web innovations. Founded on a shared desire to advance the open web, we are driven by continual excitement for ever-evolving technologies. Our passion extends far beyond client engagements into open-source projects, local meetups, and involvement in the larger community through conferences and online collaboration.

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Introducing Our Amazing Team.

We strive to maintain a diverse team with a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets. Our varied experiences often lead us down typically unexplored avenues and positions us to solve difficult problems that face our community and clients. Learn more about each of our team members below.


Before founding Iced Development, Luis spent over a decade building enterprise financial and medical systems. He enjoys robotics, real-time applications, boardgames and any intersection of those.


Before becoming a professional developer, Brett worked as a consultant for law firms. After automating much of his job with code, he realized that he’d rather work in a terminal than a suit.


With a background in journalism, Alyson brings her sense of curiosity to the software world. Outside of work, she enjoys tinkering with her own hardware/software creations at her local hackerspace.


Developer and head thought leader at Iced Dev. Sam has recently been working on DevOps and server deployments. He enjoys deep dish pizza.


Allison heads up accounting, and keeps Iced Dev's operations running smoothly.


Developer that codes for the web, servers, and even microcontrollers. His work includes several robotics projects as well as his latest library: node-led.


Gabe is an Aerospace engineering major who is working for IcedDev through college. He enjoys radio astronomy, solar powered projects and anything to do with space and software!


Aaron enjoys creating web apps, from front to back. When he is not programming he is taking care of his two daughters.


Andrew brings his unique perspective, charm, and love for sparkling beverages to the team.