Happy Hapi, Making a Fun API!

I recently created a Hapi API from the ground up with the tutelage of some of my co-workers who are much more versed in it than I am. I liked the workflow I had conceived so much I decided to turn it into a fun little pull down and go project on Github. ... Continue Reading

A Web-Based Universal IoT Remote Control

The web is incredibly good at connecting things. Not only do browsers connect people to content, they can connect people to machines, and even machines to other machines. In addition to HTTPS requests, modern browsers can make these connections with things like websockets, bluetooth, and even usb devices. ... Continue Reading

Putting On A Face or Two

Our local hackerspace is Heatsync Labs which is a member/donation funded nonprofit, based in downtown Mesa, and established in 2009. The lab is filled with power tools, learning events, and helpful people. Its definitely the place to be weekday evenings where it is open to the public to build art and engineering marvels. That said, the display cases could use some more interactivity for people walking by. ... Continue Reading