Happy Hapi, Making a Fun API!

I recently created a Hapi API from the ground up with the tutelage of some of my co-workers who are much more versed in it than I am. I liked the workflow I had conceived so much I decided to turn it into a fun little pull down and go project on Github. My goal whenever I am setting any application is to always try to keep my configurations as simple as possible and create the most direct route to creation. My goal with happy-hapi was no different.

The case and reason for building this was simple: If I need to use basic content storage on a site that would be otherwise static, I wanted a quick and easy solution I could pull down and use.

For the database solution I chose to use Typicode's lowdb which in essence takes advantage of lodash to manipulate a json file. This means I have a relatively usecase outside of needing to save images(which can be done very easily with Amazon S3).

What I came up with was pretty nifty, and fantastic for setting up small marketing sites where there may be blog content needed. Saving a markdown option inside of happy-hapi would be fantastic! A turn key solution for adding quick and easily updatable content to your app can done very easily with this system!

Sam Clark - Thought Leader